Beer from Here: Fullsteam Brewery – Coffee Is For Closers


Fullsteam Brewery’s Coffee Is For Closers.

Located in the heart of Durham, Fullsteam was founded in 2010 by Sean Lilly Wilson. The production brewery and tavern is inspired by the food and farm traditions of the South. Their mission: “to create distinctly Southern beer that celebrates the culinary and agricultural traditions of the South.”

Like many growing breweries, Fullsteam’s products are finding their way to more shelves. While many of their beers are packaged in 22 oz. bombers, the infamous Cackalacky Pale Ale comes in a cool 12 oz. can. Just last month a new beer caught my eye, and it was in a 16 oz can. An iced coffee porter? I love beer and I really enjoy coffee. Combine the two, and I can’t say no.

Coffee is for Closers is “a smooth iced coffee porter brewed with Counter Culture coffee,” according to the brewery. Lactose was added to round out the mouthfeel and body, and the “spring seasonal is great bridge beer: hearty enough for spring’s cooler temps, but iced coffee-refreshing for the South’s warm springs.”

I decided to give this Glengarry Glen Ross inspired beer a go on a warm, Sunday afternoon. It poured jet black with a frothy tan head that yearned to spill over the glass. Carbonation bubbles convinced me this beer had the looks of a refreshing cola. Light coffee and malt on the nose, but nothing overpowering. This was clearly not intended to be like a coffee stout cousin.

Hints of chocolate greeted my palate with a slight bitterness on the backend, but that was quickly negated by the sweetness of the lactose. At a surprising 6% ABV, the porter boasted a medium body with a light mouthfeel. As time passed, a vast lacing coated the glass. I also noticed a thin film from what was left of the head. It resembled a force field ready to do more battle my with taste buds.

Coffee is for Closers is a refreshing spring seasonal. It’s the ideal beer to crack open on an early afternoon or even something to enjoy after dinner. Heck, it’s a great all-day beer that really gives you an iced coffee feeling.

Coffee is For Closers and other Fullsteam beers can be found in bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and specialty stores across North Carolina and South Carolina.

Brewery: Fullsteam Brewery
City: Durham, NC
Style: Porter
ABV: 6%
Availability: Seasonal, 16 oz. can and draft