Beer from Here: Hi-Wire Brewing – Bed of Nails Brown Ale


Hi-Wire Brewing’s Bed of Nails Brown Ale

Hi-Wire Brewing is one of the newest members of the Asheville brewing scene, and at the rate they’re growing, perhaps one of the more popular. Situated in the South Slope (aka Asheville’s brewery district) in the now defunct Craggie Brewing location, Hi-Wire’s “light-hearted circus theme embodies the fun, authenticity, and creativity of this deep-rooted craft.” The brewery features four approachable year-round “Main Attraction” beers: Prime Time Pale, Hi-Pitch IPA, Bed of Nails Brown, and Hi-Wire Lager, a rotating selection of seasonal offerings, as well as “Side Show Seasonals,” available exclusively at the tasting room.

This week’s main attraction is Bed of Nails Brown Ale. What a name. Embodying the circus theme, the unfiltered English brown ale poured a dark amber-brown with no clarity. A thick, half-inch head coated the glass at pour, but subsided as the tasting carried on. I was very impressed with the head retention. Nearly 10 full minutes in and a thick ring was hanging on around the interior diameter of the glass. It didn’t want to let go.

The smell of sweet malt with some roasted/toasted characteristics emanated from the tulip-shaped glass. As expected, my first taste was dominated by malt. Flavors of toasted bread, caramel, nuts, and toffee all danced around my tastebuds. The ale’s body was relatively light with medium carbonation. I also detected a slight bitterness from the earthy/herbal English hops. As the bitterness subsided, the beer circled back to a sweet, malty finish. The brown ale’s lacing was fine as well.

The Bed of Nails Brown Ale is a solid brew. At 6.1% ABV, it’s easy drinking and carries a nice sweetness. If you’re into English-style ales, and enjoy malt, then this beer is right up your alley. It suits the brown ale style nicely and is a winner in my book.

Hi-Wire has some outstanding beers, and they continue to set themselves apart in the Asheville beer scene. Big things are on the horizon, particularly since they announced plans to open a 26,000 square foot production facility with a 30 barrel brewhouse in Asheville’s Biltmore Village. Their future is bright and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next.

The Bed of Nails Brown Ale and other Hi-Wire beers can be found in bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and specialty stores across North Carolina.

Brewery: Hi-Wire Brewing
City: Asheville, NC
Style: English Brown Ale
ABV: 6.1%
Availability: Year-round, 12 oz. bottles and draft