Beer From Here – January 29

We’re four weeks into 2015 and I decided to implement a new blog feature – a weekly review. Well, this may not technically be a review. Maybe it is. Who knows. Either way, it’s meant to be fun. My goal is to give a subjective summary on a fine North Carolina beer. I am by no means a beer judge, but as my about me page states, “my thoughts are my own.” I’ll keep it short and sweet. So here we go…


My inaugural review will focus on Starpoint Brewing‘s Whiskeytown Imperial Milk Stout.

Nestled in the pine forests of Carrboro, N.C., Starpoint Brewing is bringing fresh and tasty ales and lagers to beer lovers, according to their website. The website goes on to say Starpoint uses a three barrel brewing system with six barrel fermenters and brites designed to provide high quality beer to the Triangle of North Carolina. You can learn a little more about the brewery in this video.

According to owner/head brewer Tim Harper, “Whiskeytown Imperial Milk Stout is made with a hefty heaping of Chocolate Wheat Malt, Milk Sugar and aged in Tennessee Whiskey Barrels. This bittersweet ale is thick and rich with flavors of chocolate, whiskey, and wood. Named in tribute of the amazing alternative country band Whiskeytown! 9.5% ABV.”

I enjoyed this fine brew on draught at my local World of Beer. While presented in the wrong glass (yes, I can be a snob), the stout was very dark with a small light brown/tan head. I couldn’t get a good feel on the aroma  (I blame the glassware), but it was typical of most stouts – roasted malts with slight vanilla. My first sip was thick and creamy and I could taste the sweet milk chocolate. The finish resulted in an oak aftertaste with hints of whiskey. It was a perfect combination and one I had not had before. The sip also resulted in a thin, tan lace.

Overall, I was very impressed with this imperial stout. The 9.5% ABV is well hidden and the combination of chocolate, whiskey, and wood is well-balanced. I even gathered some hints of toasted marshmallow. The Whiskeytown Imperial Stout is my kind of dark beer and one I look forward to enjoying again.

Have you tried Whiskeytown or any of Starpoint’s other beers? What do you think? If you haven’t, they’re carried by Mims Distributing here in the Triangle, so keep an eye out next time you visit your local bar, bottle shop or restaurant.

Until next week. Prost!